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The Law Offices of Anable & Rivera PC is here to assist and provide legal aid to DACA recipients. The DACA executive order signed by President Obama has been under some scrutiny in recent years and made it confusing for individuals with DACA status, otherwise known as Dreamers. DACA renewal is still possible for many eligible recipients. As your DACA attorney in Portland, we are here to assist people that have questions or are looking for answers regarding their DACA status or DACA renewal. 

What is DACA?

DACA is an acronym that stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This was an Executive Order signed by President Obama that offered deportation relief for millions of immigrants that had been brought to the United States as children. In addition to protection from deportation, DACA also offers recipients the ability to obtain a work permit and work legally in the United States. Recipients need to apply every two years in order to renew their DACA status. 

Eligibility Requirements — Who are the Dreamers?

To be eligible for DACA, there are certain requirements that must be met and (in some cases) proven. Eligible recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been under 31 years old as of June 15, 2012
  • Must have come to the U.S before your 16th birthday
  • Must have lived continuously in the U.S from June 15th, 2007 until the present
  • Have been physically present in the country on June 15, 2012, and at the time you apply
  • You arrived in the United States undocumented before June 15, 2012, or had a lawful status that expired before that date. 
  • You are studying or graduated from high school or earned a GED, or possess an honorable discharge from the Coast Guard or military (some technical and trade school completion also applies).
  • You have not been convicted with a felony, certain misdemeanors, or three or more misdemeanors of any kind.

Age Guidelines

DACA mostly applies to younger people who were brought to the United States as children. Some of the age guidelines include:

  • You must have been born after June 15, 1981
  • Or have been no older than 30 on June 15, 2012
  • You must have been at least 15 years old at the time you applied for DACA

A Step-By-Step Guide of the DACA Application Process

DACA renewals are being accepted by USCIS. Having a qualified immigration attorney is the best way to ensure a successful renewal application and to avoid any problems or confusion with your application. A quick overview of the process may look a little like this:

  • Contact your trusted immigration attorney
  • Collect necessary documentation and evidence
  • Complete necessary forms and applications 
  • Apply by the appropriate deadline
  • Get biometrics done (fingerprints and background check)
  • Complete any requested final information or await the response from immigration officials

Important Changes You Need to Know

The state of the DACA executive order has been in flux for a few years. This means that controversy and changes have made it difficult for people to figure out where their particular case stands.

One of the latest updates went into effect on June 18, 2020. The U.S Supreme Court ruled in favor of the DACA program and countered a 2017 attempt to terminate the program. A past decision had put a halt on new DACA applications.  The decision restored the program and allowed for initial and renewal applications to be accepted. It is possible that further changes affect the program in the future, so it’s important to have a trusted immigration attorney advising you on your case. 

How We Can Help

Immigration matters can get confusing and the USCIS office is not kind to mistakes or misrepresentations on applications. Having an experienced immigration attorney by your side will improve the chances of success in your application. We help Dreamers apply for DACA renewal and ensure their ability to remain in the country and continue their lives. 

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