Common Immigration Issues and How a Portland Lawyer Can Help

It isn’t an easy feat to migrate from one country to another. It requires extensive planning, a lot of paperwork, and financial resources. Whether you’ve planned everything or not, immigrants still face many problems. This is why you should hire an immigration lawyer in Portland.

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Common Immigration Issues

To get a deeper understanding of what immigrants usually face, here’s a list of common immigration issues. 


Immigrants make up the most vulnerable group with regard to housing. This is because they face extra challenges when trying to find decent, affordable, and, most of all, safe housing. To make matters worse, many immigrants have trouble finding jobs and, therefore, can’t earn a steady income. 

Moreover, troubled immigrants face higher housing expenses and have difficulty obtaining their legal documents. Anabel & Rivera have immigrant lawyers who care for every type of immigrant and help them achieve their green cards without prejudice. 

Cultural Difference

Generally, the different ideas about immigrants are based on stereotypes, myths, and other falsehoods. These misunderstandings cause unfair and large disparities in various aspects of their lifestyles.

Even settled migrants still face ongoing communication barriers and cultural appropriations. This likely ranges from minor social customs to other significant issues like religion. For instance, teens and children tend to feel bad that they don’t know about popular English music.

Distrust and fear of immigrants have encouraged the propagation of cultural myths in various places. Sometimes even if an action is done with good intentions, it may be insensitive. Considering all this, people should remember to keep an open mind and be respectful toward diverse cultures. 

Language Barriers

Language barriers are the main challenge, seeing as how it affects their ability to talk to others. This is because everyone assumes that immigrants will learn either French or English, whichever one they prefer. This often impacts the overall quality of the care facilities and immigrants’ decision-making.

A language barrier also amplifies the effects of other sources of disadvantage. Most countries offer immigrants substandard health facilities only because they fail to understand their native language. The language difference between second-generation and first-generation migrants can also affect unsettled immigrants.

Medical Facilities

It’s their human right to have complete access to medical facilities regardless of their culture and nationality. Yet immigrants have an alarmingly low rating of medical coverage, and they don’t have proper access to health care facilities. Besides that, immigrants have limited access to medical care because of changes in policy. 

These barriers range from discrimination to financial struggles. This has contributed to progressing worries about immigrants’ ability to participate in various available medical programs. Many immigrant families will likely avoid seeking much-needed medical care because they are afraid of discrimination.

How Anable & Rivera’s Lawyers Is the Right Option?

Our law office, Anable & Rivera, has seen many cases and has won them in equal measure. Our goal is to protect and serve the immigrants in America, starting with Portland, OR. We have a qualified and experienced team of immigration lawyers with an extensive and impressive row of successful cases that ensure you will be in good hands.

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