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Welcome to the Law Offices of Anable & Rivera PC! Our Portland-based team of immigration lawyers is proud to be a highly reviewed and dependable team that providing quality legal services in the Pacific Northwest.

As Portland’s immigration law firm, we are made up of the city’s top attorneys and experienced staff ready to answer your questions. As advocates for immigrant rights, we work to dedicate the time that your case deserves. Check out our reviews and high ratings and call us today for a consultation.

Who We Are — About Our Immigration Lawyers

Portland, Oregon, USA skyline at dusk with Mt. Hood in the distance.The right immigration lawyers will make all the difference in your immigration case. At The Law Offices of Anable & Rivera, we are dedicated to helping people move through the immigration process successfully. Whether you are looking to work in the U.S, become a permanent resident, or embark on the path towards citizenship, you need to work with an immigration lawyer in order to ensure a successful outcome.

We offer professional and efficient legal counsel for a wide range of immigration cases. Completing the immigration process is the ultimate dream for many people. This country has a lot to offer and our attorneys are here to guide you through the long and winding road. 

The Cases Our Immigration Lawyers Handle

As a full-service immigration law firm, we work with a variety of immigration-related cases.

We handle everything from more straightforward cases to complex matters, including: 

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation to discuss the details of your case. Don’t let time pass, as it is sometimes of the essence in immigration matters. 

an immigration lawyer working at his desk with a gavel and a scaleAn Immigration Law Firm that Will be by Your Side, Every Step of the Way

Our immigration lawyers are here to help any person engaged in the immigration process, whether they are trying to remain in the country or establish residency status. We know that any immigration process has its own set of complicated requirements and paperwork, that’s why we’re here to help. Whether you are a legal resident working towards citizenship, a worker that has an H1B visa, or a DACA recipient unsure of your status, we’re the law firm for you!

Benefits of Our Immigration Law Firm’s Representation

With the Law Offices of Anable & Rivera PC, you get a team that cares. Our immigration attorneys have studied these laws and specialize in simplifying the process for you. There’s a lot riding on your immigration case: your livelihood, family, future, or perhaps even your safety. It’s why you want to be in good hands.

Our immigration lawyers are dedicated to working on a variety of different cases. When you acquire a compassionate and dedicated legal team like us, we commit to providing: 

  • A team of experts on immigration law and policy
  • An experienced immigration lawyer with years of experience 
  • A team ready to guide you through the process
  • Support you need to get through the process 
  • Open communication and updates about your case

While there is endless information online about immigration and the immigration process, it is no substitute for the experience and hands-on knowledge of the law, your rights, and any changing provisions that might affect your case. An immigration attorney will:

immigration lawyer shaking hands with a client and smiling

  • Spot discrepancies before it becomes a problem
    • Our extensive knowledge allows us to see possible trouble spots or discrepancies in your case that should be addressed before moving forward.
  • Explain your options
    • Our immigration attorneys look at the big picture and can explain all of your options depending on your particular case or situation. 
  • Protect your rights
    • As immigration lawyers, we are intimately familiar with what the law says about your rights and we are here to protect them. 
  • Provide peace of mind that your case is progressing
    • As your immigration lawyers, we safeguard your application and guide it through the process. 

What Sets Us Apart

It is our experience, dedication, and commitment to ethical and comprehensive legal representation that sets us apart from other immigration law firms.  Our immigration attorneys have a personal passion for helping people move through the system in order to create a better life for themselves and their families. 

What to Expect from Your Initial Consultation with Us

We know it might appear overwhelming to take on the immigration system and begin the process. There’s a lot at stake. It’s why we offer comprehensive consultations with one of our highly-trained immigration lawyers. We want to get started on the right foot. We sit down and take the time to learn about you and the specific circumstances of your case. Take this opportunity to get familiar with the process and to ask any questions you may have regarding our approach as we move forward. Our job as your immigration attorney is to work towards a successful outcome in your immigration case. 

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Whether you are looking to get a green card, a work visa, or apply for citizenship, you want an experienced immigration attorney by your side. Our team of experienced and friendly immigration lawyers is ready to help. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you.

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